5 important tips to buy a new bio-fireplace.


Your checklist to make sure you find the right fireplace for your home.
Did you know? Last year alone, over 25 billion gallons of bioethanol were produced worldwide. Bioethanol fireplaces are becoming increasingly popular in households around the world. But what should a good bioethanol fireplace do? Find out below as we explore the signs that can be seen...

1. additional heating or visual effect?
Depending on whether you are looking for an additional heating solution or a decorative one, bioethanol fireplaces can be the ideal solution. Both our small bio-burner and bio-combustion stoves have a heat output of 3kW or more, while a normal electric fire emits about 2kW. This is enough heat for a room of about 20 m2 - which can be ideal for most living spaces as an additional source of heat compared to conventional heating. Many of our customers reported "noticeable, pleasant heat". - something that could come in handy on those cold winter evenings! Fires on bioethanol are primarily used for decorative purposes, with an additional heat source as a bonus. If you want to keep some of the heat from your bioethanol fireplace in the room, but you have an open chimney, just block it to keep 100% of the heat, just make sure you do it with a non-flammable material, such as vermiculite slabs.

2. safety guarantee
We test our bioethanol fires using TÜV Rheinland, a leading international certification body for product safety and quality. Our products are tested in the laboratory, mostly using our small burner model. The Carrington Cream Traditional Bio Ethanol Fireplace is an excellent example of a safe, tried and tested model.

3) Tenant or homeowner?
If you want to modernize your home, but you already have an existing fireplace, there are still many different options for you. We have free-standing fireplaces in stock, such as grates that can be placed in an existing fireplace hole or free-standing models that can be clipped to the wall, table burners, ideal for gardens and patios, wall-mounted fireplaces to hang like a mirror (it's so easy!) and even manual and automatic ribbon burners for your own design of a fireplace with a hole in the wall (ideal for DIY enthusiasts).

The versatility of bioethanol fireplaces is exactly what makes them ideal for homeowners and tenants alike. Homeowners, of course, are free to choose any fireplace - but those of you who live in a rented property are limited to improvements that can and cannot be made. Free-standing fireplaces and table burners work very well in rented properties because they are portable and not fixed.

4. modern, traditional, something in between?
It all depends on personal taste and style of home decoration. Those of you who appreciate the latest technology, luxury and modern design will love our premium Prime Fire remote control from PLANIKA or Double Vision from Safretti, which includes a 48" Samsung LED TV!

The aim is to create a fireplace for easy installation.
Luxurious and modern design can be found in this sophisticated, innovative, remote-controlled fireplace Prime Fire from PLANIKA.

However, those who prefer vintage style will love our traditional wood-burning stove. This is a charming way to bring the atmosphere of a country cottage into your home. If you're not quite a fan of vintage style, but you're inclined towards retro style, then the sixties meet with the futuristic Serenity Flame Bio Ethanol Fireplace or the sculptural Globe Flame can be an amazing choice for you. If you're more predisposed to a traditional or timeless look, then the Roma II Bio Fireplace can be a winner. As you can see, we have a range of bioethanol fireplace styles on offer, so you are likely to find something to complement your interior design.

This wonderful, timeless in its construction fireplace is a separate piece of furniture.
The classic fireplace has a stunningly smooth finish in a creamy casing that will match the traditional style of the house.

5 You get what you pay for
This is an old saying that still sounds true and is especially true for bioethanol fireplaces. If this is a very cheap price, the chances are that the quality will not be very good. A moderate price for bioethanol fireplaces is a profitable investment because there is a good chance that they have been rigorously tested and made from high quality materials. This does not mean that you cannot afford good quality bioethanol fireplaces! Our table-top burners start at as low as 250 zloty each - so there really is a bioethanol fireplace to meet all your budget needs.

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