Bio-fireplace Kratki X-RAY with TÜV certificate


A bio-fireplace can not only influence the character of an interior, but also become its best decoration. Simple, but at the same time extremely elegant appearance are its most important assets. But a bio-fireplace is also a living fire, which can additionally heat the room. What distinguishes a bio-fireplace? A bio-fireplace is a guarantee of a fashionable and modern interior design, which immediately becomes clearer. It is worth seeing its uniqueness. A bio-fireplace introduces a cosy atmosphere into a room and constitutes its ideal decorative element. But that is not all! A burning fire in a bio-fireplace can raise the temperature in a given interior by even several degrees.


If you are a person who demands the highest quality, we have the perfect bio-fireplace for you. The X-RAY model is a unique product, which is distinguished by its elegant simplicity of design and perfect proportions. It is these features, among others, that make our bio-fireplace look perfect both in the recess and in the individual building. Thanks to the beautiful glazing, the flame in the bio-fireplace presents itself in an even more sophisticated way. This element also increases the safety of using the bio-fireplace, which is a product that escapes any known patterns. The X-RAY model adds originality and character to every interior. Your guests will certainly appreciate not only its fashionable appearance, but also the beauty of the flame itself and the heat it generates.


It is not necessary to have extensive knowledge about such devices in order to operate a bio-fireplace. Simply top up the marked container with biofuel to the appropriate level and set the liquid on fire to enjoy a wonderful flame. And what is also important, it only takes a moment to extinguish it at any time.


Deciding to buy our bio-fireplace you are on the side of ecology. You do not put your hand on smog, because the products of combustion of the biofuel used are only heat, water vapour and very small amounts of carbon dioxide. Using the X-RAY bio-fireplace we can raise the temperature in the room by several degrees, as the heat generated is fully returned to it. Therefore, it can be considered that a bio-fireplace is an additional source of interior heating.


Over 1,000,000 buyers from all over the world have already trusted us. So choose a proven brand that has been on the market for over 20 years. Don't let yourself be fooled by buying cheap fakes. The production of all bio-fireplaces is supervised by TÜV Rheinland Poland. Thanks to this, the X-RAY model also has the German TÜV safety certificate. This means that the innovative technologies used in it and constant control guarantee users safety when using the highest quality product.

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