Bio-fireplace Kratki DELTA 600 left with TÜV certificate



A corner, horizontal bio-fireplace open to the left side is an ideal solution for recessing.


Bio-fireplaces do not recognise restrictions under any circumstances. Moreover, they do not require complicated installation or connection to the chimney duct. They are incredibly easy to install and also to use. They are perfect for a smaller apartment and a very spacious house.

What is more, these devices are also perfect solutions for interior design. This is due to a very wide range of products, which allow you to realize even the most original ideas.

They are fired with ecological fuel in the form of special impact. Its effect is a real fire.


The bio-fireplace even raises the temperature to several degrees Celsius. Everything depends on the size of the room and also on the height of the flame. The heat generated is transferred one hundred percent directly to the room. That is why a bio-fireplace can be a source of additional heating.

Modern design

Thanks to the vision of two-sided fire, panoramic appearance and also delicate front frame, it fits perfectly in the style of very modern interiors.

This type of fireplace is often chosen in the case of open spaces, where very different spaces are combined, for example, a living room with a dining room.

Comfortable to use

All we have to do is pour the biofuel to the level that is marked in the container. It is also possible to regulate and to extinguish the flame virtually at any time. We should also remember to ventilate the room where the bio-fireplace is located.

Guaranteed quality

Bio-fireplaces are made of materials of really high quality. The production process itself is carried out according to world standards. This is certainly confirmed by the obtained certificate.

Easy and very fast assembly

Individual housing: we can install the bio-fireplace in a wall recess or behind a specially constructed decorative element that protrudes from the wall.

Let's put on full safety

The production process of bio-fireplaces is directly monitored by TUV Rheinland Poland. This bio-fireplace has a German TUV safety certificate.

The container with this certificate has a special additional chamber. It prevents fuel spillage due to accidental overfilling of the tank. It also has a maximum fuel level indicator.

The absorbent insert is placed directly in the container. It reduces fuel consumption and also protects against spillage of biofuel as a result of leaning.

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