Ideas for a bio-fireplace in the living room


Installing a classic fireplace in a living room is often impossible, especially if nobody has thought about this possibility in advance and has not installed the right flue pipes. However, it is always possible to install a modern bio-fireplace, which is not limited by any issues of this type. You can choose from a whole range of options that anyone can use.

Why a bio-fireplace?

Bio fireplaces are really a great addition to any living room. First of all, it is an incredibly pleasant device that creates a real home fireplace. We watch real flames in it, which are relaxing and calming.

It is worth using ecological fireplaces even when we can have a traditional fireplace. They are much cheaper and can look the same. What is more, they are trivially easy to operate and maintain. There is no soot, no smoke, no ash, and the only gas that escapes during combustion is practically steam. Carbon dioxide appears in trace quantities. An ecological fireplace has no negative impact on the environment, and the interior can become more pleasant thanks to its effective hydration.

.Ways of bio-fireplaces

Bio-fireplaces are available in a huge number of different versions. Everyone will certainly find a solution for themselves. The most interesting of them are first of all:

- Corner fireplaces - this is a modern and very effective solution, which works especially well in large living rooms arranged in a minimalistic way, for example in Scandinavia. Such bio-fireplaces are fully enclosed, but they create the impression of really big ones thanks to their symmetrical construction. Traditional wall construction will result in a significant reduction of the hearth;

- Hanging fireplaces - these types of fireplaces are usually quite small and most often appear in flats of small dimensions, e.g. in blocks of large slabs. Such a fireplace can be mounted on the wall or under the ceiling, although it is usually lowered quite low, slightly above the floor. However, it is not necessary. Fireplaces of this type are designed for bold, unusual interiors;

- Free-standing fireplaces - so-called goats, they can be moved to any place in the house and the owners of such bio-fireplaces very often wander with them from place to place. They can accompany us at lunch in the dining room, then they can find us in the vicinity of the rest set, and in the evening they can go with us to the bedroom. Large free-standing fireplaces can be troublesome to transport, and the smallest of them can even end up on the table or chest of drawers.

- Fireplaces by the TV set - all the time the TV set is still on the honourable place in the living room, but more and more often it is combined with a bio-fireplace. If we don't want to watch anything anymore and prefer to relax, turn off the TV and light the fireplace, and its heat and jumping flames effectively eliminate stress;

- Bathroom fireplaces - installing a fireplace in the bathroom or simply moving it into the room when you want to take a shower, and especially a bath, is simply phenomenal. In a slightly larger bathroom, it creates a pleasant, cozy and very intimate atmosphere. It also raises the temperature to a high level and allows you to create something almost like a sauna. In smaller bathrooms you usually have to use more limited solutions, but this allows you to enjoy the heat straight from the fireplace to a greater extent.

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