4 ways to add a new dimension to your garden with a bio-fireplace.


4 ways in which a bio-fireplace can add another dimension to your garden
Bioethanol fireplaces are a subtle piece that can also express itself in a garden or other outdoor space. Seeing that summer is over, we thought we'd let you know about some of the latest projects from our collection... and how best to use them to create your dream garden, terrace, roof section or patio!

1. for social butterflies
There is nothing better than to relax, have fun and have some good fun with your close friends and family by the fire. But the problem is that smoke can get into your eyes and a real fire needs a lot of maintenance - let's not even mention the safety risks it poses! Our concrete outdoor fire table can be the perfect solution for your fire needs. It is essentially a smokeless flame, but with all the aesthetic advantages of a real fire, so the whole family can enjoy the play of charades around the inviting, eco-friendly glow of a bioethanol fireplace.

The style of the fireplace table itself is undeniably modern and super stylish - the flame is surrounded by black, mirror-like pieces of tempered glass nested in a smooth, light grey table. It is so easy to move around the garden that it can be moved freely - to the terrace, patio or terrace, because it is made of lightweight yet durable materials. What's more, it is currently on sale with a large discount!

In fact, some of our most favorite party games to play by the fire contain twenty questions in which you choose a famous person (fictional or otherwise!) and everyone has to guess who uses questions that can only be answered with "yes" or "no"! Another favorite is the classic childhood "Detective", where someone in the group is assigned as a detective and someone as a "killer". The killer has to wink at each of the other people and has to lie down. The detective must then determine who the killer is.

For fashionists.
If you want to give your space this extra wow-factor, then don't look any further than Totem Commerce by Planika. This is one of our most popular bioethanol gardens on roof terraces in the trendiest bars, inside the hotel reception desk or as a focal point in your home garden! This is what we like most about Totem Commerce - it's one of the most versatile elements you can add to your outdoor (or indoor!) space.

In fact, this fireplace allows you to make the most of your space. For example, you can equip the outer entrance to your hotel with two Totem Commerces that you can book on both sides of the door. This could add a lot of personality to one of the most important parts of the building where people make a first impression on your business. Another example, as shown in the picture, is the use of many Totem Commerces bioethanol fireplaces as part of a decorative display in the garden of a bar or restaurant. We also recommend this product for festivals and outdoor pop-up events! It has a long burning time of up to 6.5 hours per 3 litre insert, making it ideal for commercial use.

Of course, this beautiful design is not limited to commercial use only - you can put it in your home patio or on the lawn. It can serve as a spectacular way to light up the social areas of your home, such as the terrace, private terrace or even in front of the house if you are having an extremely lavish party in the garden!

3. for gourmets
Our collection of table burners can be a great addition to a dinner party - whether in the garden or at home (we all know that British summer weather can be temperamental!). But if you experience a heat wave, the Bow and Cube table-top burners will look stunning on foggy summer evenings as the sun slowly sets.

This requires some of our best food ideas to enjoy the fire - and nothing can cover up the summer more than tapas! The trick with serving food on hot days is to make it light, simple and tasty. It's easier than you think - just choose dishes like fried peppers with prosciutto, cauliflower with fries, Salmorejo Cordobés (a beautiful chilled tomato soup), olives marinated in oil, tempura vegetables, a meat and cheese board and classic bravas patés!

More and more of us are becoming vegetarians or vegans, so why not have a completely meatless dinner in the garden? You can still use the halloumi and vegetable kebabs, tofu burgers, soya sausages and so on. For vegans, it is best that your creative juices flow with homemade recipes such as pitta pizza, zucchini burgers and seitan strips of "chicken" - it just shows that vegan food can be amazing!

4. To the couches
This section is for those of you who just love to dig and relax in your garden. Whether you enjoy sunbathing on the terrace or cooling down at the terrace grill, you will appreciate the Sorrento Bio Ethanol Tabletop Burner. Fresh design and a generous flame will surely be a hit for those who like to enjoy a quiet time. Not only will you get the atmosphere of a real flame, but you will also not have any means of subsistence, which are necessary to create a real fire. So you don't have to get up all the time to keep the fire going. A tempered glass cover acts as a hypnotizing reflective surface, making the flame dance and wave like a real one.

If you find it a little too hard to relax, we have some great relaxation tips for you! First of all, it's best to style your garden in a way that encourages thinking. This can be achieved through a sense of smell, touch, sounds and views. Small things like mowing the lawn and trimming shrubs count - as they say "a decent environment helps to put your mind in order!". You can also enjoy fragrant candles made from natural ingredients that integrate well with organic scents in your garden. Don't be afraid to add a little music when you're relaxed, especially when using low, slow, earthy music with strong bass.

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