6 things you can do this winter when it's too cold to get out.


When the weather is too cold to go outside, why not treat some of these wonderful activities at home?
After the holiday season, the winter seems to last forever! It may be too cold to do outdoor activities, but that just means you can have more fun at home. Whether you spend time alone or cook for friends and family, there are so many fantastic things to do when it's just a little too cold to go out!

1 The music asks about life a role-playing game
One of our favorite ideas for what to do this winter when it's too cold to go outside is to combine music with conversation. The idea is to ask questions, and after each question you have to play the song that answers it (or if it's an album... a favorite song from an album!). This is one of the funniest ways to get to know your loved ones - even if you think you know everything about them.

The questions you should ask may include: "What was the first album you bought on the album/cassette/CD?" or "Which song reminds you of your happiest memory?" or "Which song changed your outlook on life?". - the deeper the better! This activity can be very cathartic, because it is good to spend time reminding and learning new things about those closest to you.

2. use it as an adventure planning time
Winter is one of the most important periods in planning adventures for next year and even next month! While the weather outside can be cold and gloomy, planning a holiday can be the perfect antidote to winter blue. Of course, you can use your company favorites like Booking.com, AirBnB and so on, but travel randomiser apps like LuckyTrip are becoming increasingly popular. All you have to do is put in a few details and the app will show you a tour tailored to your needs. You will have where to go, where to stay and something fun to do.

Who says you need to plan a trip abroad to satisfy your journey? Planning a stay can be just as enjoyable, especially since many accommodation providers allow you to "book now, pay later". So, not only will you sit down and create your dream stay... it won't cost you anything either!

3. Call your loved ones / group video call
Dedicating time to talk to loved ones is probably one of the best ways to use time, especially on cold winter days. Put aside a few hours to call your loved ones to find the old, good nature. Better yet, why not have a group video call via Skype or Zoom? This is especially useful when you have relatives who live far away. You can not only call many people at once, but also play games such as Pictionary and charades over the camera! There are also really useful apps and websites, such as Watch2Gether and Netflix Party, where you can watch movies, TV shows and videos with your friends via live streaming (and you can talk at the same time!). This can save lives both in long-distance relationships and for relatives who live in distant places!

4. try a new recipe for a warmer winter
The cold months are the ideal time for abundant soups, nutritious stews and delicious casseroles. We highly recommend slow cooking, so you can immerse yourself in the rich aromas of stewed beef casserole or vegetarian goulash with dumplings. Achieving the perfect soup or goulash is easier than you think - just choose your protein (chicken, pork, beef, beans, pulses, tofu and so on) and then decide on your "base". The base is simply a stew base - so if you're making a vegetable casserole it can be a vegetable broth saturated with thyme, basil, onion and parsley. Different proteins go well with different "bases". - you can experiment! Then it's time to choose the main ingredient - it could be root vegetables such as swedes, butternut squash or something meat like small pieces such as neck, thighs and so on. Finally, but certainly no less important are the fillers. This helps to loosen the casserole and keep it fuller for longer... but without all the unhealthy calories. Some of our favourite fillers are garlic red potatoes, pasta with pasta and rice. They also help to soak the liquid in the stew so that it has a beautiful, thick consistency.

5. renovate your house for the winter
Repairing can be a very active thing at home! Not only will it keep you in good shape during the colder months (without having to go outside), it will also keep you warm at home without spending a fortune on your energy bills. But where should you start? Colour is always one of the best ways to start winter theme rejuvenation, and soft furnishings are one of the most effective ways to show off your chosen palette. We especially recommend calming, natural colours such as winter whites, pale blues and a little green - so choose pillowcases, throws, carpets and curtains that stick to refreshing colours. Winter is also a great time to consider some unique home accessories such as a bioethanol fireplace (a much more environmentally friendly real fire option!), seasonal plants such as mini firs and lush wreaths, framed lyrics of your favourite song or a brand new super comfortable sofa!

6 Lying picnic "n
Who says you can only have a picnic outside in the sun? Nobody! The beauty of a picnic is that it can be arranged almost anywhere - it's just a matter of eating cups and drinks. Having a picnic at home in winter can really bring out spring-summer vibrations. You can even create a theme for a picnic, e.g. the 1980s, movies, rainbows, all over the world etc. The latter is a great opportunity to try new dishes from different countries, such as German bratwurst, Spanish tostadas, English scones, Indian pakoras, Greek olives and so on!

If you decide to have a picnic at home, you also have the opportunity to decorate your surroundings. If you have children, why not build them a fort with sheets and chairs? Or if you think of a more romantic subject, why not set the mood by lighting a fireplace. Due to the lack of weather in your home, you are unlikely to be blown away by the wind or rain by a storm!

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