Fireplace Kratki NBC 8 left / right BS guillotine


Looking for a fireplace that is the right fit for our times, it is worth taking an interest in innovative solutions. Certainly, this is what the proposal with three-sided glazing, precision and satisfactory technical parameters deserves to be called. So it is worth taking a closer look at it.

Maximum use of energy

Both the compass and the front of the cartridge are characterized by resistance to the adverse effects of high temperatures, which can be achieved with the highest quality steel. An interesting solution is also the TERMOTEC combustion chamber lined with heat accumulating material. It increases the temperature in the chamber and at the same time enables not only more efficient combustion, but also longer maintenance of heat. It is also an interesting idea to supply air to the device only from the outside, which is made possible by the end of the air intake with appropriate parameters. The air intake can be adjusted with just one lever, which minimises errors caused by inappropriate use. Another innovative solution that cannot be ignored is the triple air supply system for the combustion chamber. The primary air is directed to the combustion plate, while the secondary air is directed to the device using holes in the rear wall. There is also space in the insert for the so-called clean glass system.

Safety of the appliance

The device is advertised as perfectly tight and there is much to suggest that there is no exaggeration in this. Tightness is possible thanks to solid welds, which are made in a noble gas shield. All steel elements have been laser cut to eliminate even slight inaccuracies and then bent using CNC bending machines. The cartridge was also equipped with a special heat-resistant glass pane to increase safety.

Environmental care combustion

When we buy a device, we don't have to worry that our purchase will prove fatal to the planet. We are dealing with a solution that meets strict standards, and at the same time can be conveniently used even by people who do not have much experience in this area. The cartridge itself is equipped with a grate, which must be appreciated even when trying to clean the combustion chamber. Noteworthy is also the bottom plate of the insert, which has been significantly lowered in relation to the door, as well as a special double system that allows opening the door not only to the side but also to the top. Such doors make loading easier and at the same time increase the level of safety of the user.


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