Gas cartridge Kratki LEO 200 left/right for natural gas



Leo with a panoramic vision of the fire, a minimum of external elements and a discreet façade frame makes the fire in the foreground immediately after construction. The Leo series has been adapted to burn with natural gas (BG).


Maximum use of energy

An innovative and elegant gas cartridge with a realistic and horizontal vision of fire.

Very high quality, simplicity of use and comfort.

Vision of undisturbed fire thanks to the frame of an invisible facade with a minimum of visible steel elements.

The burner specially designed provides a realistic vision of the fire, as in a real fireplace, which is fired by wood. Additional height adjustment of the flame.

Safety at the highest level

This device has a special CE certificate. It guarantees safety of use, environmental protection and also health protection.

The hermetically sealed combustion chamber gives the highest possible degree of safety. If there are any problems with the air and flue gas ducts or the gas supply, the fireplace will be switched off automatically.

Comfortable use

Thermostatic control: total control with additional radio remote control with built-in thermostat.

Possible fuel selection - cartridge with closed combustion chamber adapted to burn natural gas or LPG.

The installation does not require a traditional chimney - the system of coaxial pipes enables installation in rooms where there is no chimney. It is enough to lead the pipe outside the building wall or roof.

Temporary control: possibility of programming daily temperature even seven days in advance.

This device does not require an external power supply (it has its own power supply system). The control panel is powered by four 1.5. batteries (it is possible to purchase a second power supply module G 60-ZBE optionally).

Included in the set:

gas cartridge adapted for natural gas combustion,

automation, which controls the combustion process together with a touch remote control,

Ceramic wood for lining the fireplace.

ATTENTION! Before we make a purchase we should determine which type of gas will be supplied to the installation - natural gas (NG) or LPG (directly from the cylinder), because the choice of burner and nozzles depends on the choice of gas. Before the installation itself, make sure that the device is connected to the gas supply to the type that is in the gas installation. All the information necessary for the required gas parameters is on the fireplace stove plate.

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