One trick to guarantee a beautiful fireplace corner.


What's pulling you in?

Whether you have a fireplace at home or not, everyone can appreciate the impact it has on your living space. During the winter months, they are a source of warmth and atmosphere where we can meet with our family, tell stories and even just sit back and relax. Apart from cold weather, they remain a key focal point in our living rooms, a space we can really use to develop the aesthetics of your home and reflect your personality. Moreover, they offer great value to your home!

Better time than just before Christmas to share a simple three-step trick to help you make the most of this unique space in your home.


Playing cleverly with layered elements on the fireplace will make friends ask why you haven't considered a career in interior design. Working with elements of different heights, shapes and textures will add depth and transform an empty space into a well-arranged, attention-grabbing and friendly atmosphere.

Step 1 - Anchor:

  • Large object
  • It becomes a focal point
  • Is the highest object in your setting

The anchor should fill a large part of the wall, but it should also be on a scale with the fireplace itself, balancing not only the width of the jacket but also of the firebox below. Large fireplace anchors may include a television, works of art, mirrors or a large clock. The anchor will act as a background for the fireplace.

Step 2 Weight:

  • Seats on opposite sides of the anchor
  • They should not be identical mirror images

The weight gives the fireplace stove a visual width. Avoid identical objects, as they may seem sterile, and make sure they are not taller than the Anchor so that the space does not seem crowded. The scale may contain family memorabilia, flowers, candles, vases or sculptures.

Step 3 Filler:

  • Use different heights and odd numbers
  • Place under the anchor
  • Avoid too many horizontal lines

The filler is the last element filling the chimney, filling the space under the anchor and between the weights. These objects should be smaller than the weights and pack some variety so that the space does not feel too staged. If you choose a set of objects, try using odd numbers to make you feel more comfortable. Avoid large horizontal lines as well, as this will cause you to break away from a long part of your coat.

Let all the elements overlap to create a consistent and warm feeling. Or, if you want a minimalist aesthetic, try skipping fillers completely.

The beauty of a fireplace mantle is the ease with which you can change your style from season to season. At Christmas, test our tips and share the result with us, we'll be happy to see how you do!

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