Fireplace Kratki NBC 7 left / right BS guillotine


Three-sided glazing, precision of workmanship, as well as excellent technical parameters are the characteristics that characterize this line of inserts.



The front and body of the insert are resistant to high temperatures thanks to the material used. This is high grade steel.

Combustion is effective and temperature is maintained much longer thanks to the lining of the combustion chamber itself - TERMOTEX - which accumulates heat and significantly increases the temperature in the chamber.

Air supply only from the outside thanks to the air intake port fi 125 millimetres. The air intake can be adjusted by means of a single lever, which certainly excludes errors in improper use.

Triple-air system for the combustion chamber. The primary air is directed to the plate. The combustion takes place on it. Secondary air is supplied through holes in the rear wall. The insert also uses a system of so-called clean glass, i.e. an air curtain.


Excellent tightness thanks to solid cases made in a noble gas shielding.

The steel parts are cut out by laser. Modern equipment is used for this purpose and then bent on CNC bending machines.

The insert is equipped with heat-resistant glass, which can withstand temperatures up to 660 degrees Celsius.


This device meets all Ecodesign requirements as well as the BlmSchV 2 standard, which sets maximum CO


The cartridge is equipped with a grate, which makes cleaning the combustion chamber itself much easier.

The bottom plate of the insert is lowered significantly in relation to the door.

The double door opening system itself, both upwards and sideways. The lower and raised doors make it easy to load the same amount of wood and the mechanism for lateral opening allows for more efficient cleaning of the glass.

Soot retention is reduced thanks to the clean glass system (the so-called air control).


The triangular glazing of the cartridge guarantees maximum fire vision.

The convenient and quiet guillotine mechanism makes the cartridge easy to operate and clean.

The decorative glass pane can withstand temperatures up to 660 degrees Celsius, which gives the comedian a modern and also elegant look. It optically enlarges the front of the cartridge. As you can see, bio-fireplaces have many advantages. There is no need to think about buying it anymore. We will certainly be one hundred percent satisfied with the purchase of a bio-fireplace.

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