Fireplace Kratki LUCY 12 right BS


An extremely interesting shape of the fireplace is a perfect addition to interiors decorated in a modern style. It is especially suitable for open spaces where rooms with different functions, such as living room with dining room or kitchen, are connected.

A fireplace worthy of attention

Thanks to the profiled bottom plate we can place more wood in the fireplace. At the same time, this device uses innovative solutions to reduce energy consumption. And everyone can really handle the operation and cleaning of the fireplace.


The TERMOTEC combustion chamber has been lined with a special material that collects heat. Thus, combustion is more efficient, the temperature in the fireplace is higher and lasts longer. Better combustion and energy utilisation is also guaranteed by two deflectors, which are responsible for afterburning the fuel particles. The route of combustion is longer and the amount of harmful substances entering the atmosphere is reduced. The 125 mm air intake spigot, which can be easily adjusted by means of a damper under the door, makes sure that air only enters the insert from outside. Thanks to the triple air supply system, primary air goes under the grate and secondary air enters the fireplace through the openings in the rear wall. Thanks to the clean glass system, the ducts on the sides of the chimney give the air directly to the glass, which reduces the amount of carbon dioxide that goes into the atmosphere.

This aeration system also allows better management of the combustion process.


The fireplace complies with the Ecodesign guidelines and meets BImSchV 2 standards for maximum carbon dioxide emissions.


The heat-resistant ceramics used in the front of the insert show temperature resistance up to 660 degrees Celsius. The glass is certified and the design of the handle prevents it from heating up too much. The top quality steel used in the body and front of the insert shows resistance to high temperatures, and the whole is also extremely tight thanks to perfect welds.


The bottom panel is made of TERMOTEC material, which means that more wood will fit in the chamber. The clean glass system minimises soot build-up. The profiled TERMOTEC bottom panel is used in the fireplace. As a result, the combustion chamber is deeper and more wood will also fit into it.

In addition, the grate and ashtray can be easily removed, which makes cleaning the fireplace stove easier. The fireplace stove also has adjustable feet and a movable flue outlet, which makes it easy to adjust the angle of connection to the chimney system.


The decorative glass pane is extremely elegant, but also optically enlarges the front, making the flame more visible. The door is also equipped with a functional handle.

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