Fireplace Kratki LUCY 16


A fireplace that is ideal when you want to make the most of the heat it generates. Innovative technology saves energy and the fireplace is easy to use and clean.


High quality steel makes the front and the whole body of the fireplace resistant to high temperatures. Lining the combustion chamber with TERMOTEC material guarantees more efficient combustion and longer temperature maintenance. Moreover, the combustion process is more environmentally friendly due to the use of a system of two deflectors.

The use of a 125 mm air intake port allows for the supply of air only from the outside, and its regulation is so easy that its improper use is practically impossible. In the combustion chamber, however, a triple aeration system is used. For this fireplace, the primary air is supplied under the grate. Secondary air, in turn, enters the chamber through holes in the rear wall. In addition, the insert uses the possibilities offered by the clean glass system, also known as the air curtain.


The fireplace shows very high tightness, which is due to the solid welds. The steel elements of the fireplace have been laser cut using innovative machines. In the next stage, these parts are bent on CNC bending machines. The heat-resistant glass on the front of the fireplace can withstand very high temperatures, even up to 660 degrees Celsius.


The manufacturer has ensured that the fireplace meets the guidelines contained in the Ecodesign, as well as BImSchV 2 standards, which specify the maximum permitted emission of carbon dioxide


The clean glass system used in this product allows to significantly reduce the amount of soot that settles on it. In addition, the grate and ashtray of the fireplace are removable, making it very easy to keep the appliance clean. The handle on the fireplace door has a perforated construction, so that it does not become excessively hot. This makes the use of the fireplace more comfortable and safe. The appliance also has adjustable feet and a 360-degree adjustable smoke outlet. This makes it easy to mount the fireplace in almost any place.ELEGANCES LOOKS

A decorative glass pane is used in the fireplace. It is resistant to very high temperatures, and at the same time it is distinguished by its modern design, which allows to optically enlarge the flame visible through it. The whole is completed with a beautifully finished handle.

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