Ready-made Home Easy Box and Simple Box fireplaces


The Kratki brand, a Polish manufacturer of fireplaces, is launching the Home Easy Box and Simple Box finished fireplaces, which are extremely quick and easy to install. Minimalist steel construction and a natural vision of the fire form an ideal duo. With these devices, every interior makeover will be quick and successful!

When it is too early to start a central heating system it is nice to sit by the stove or fireplace. Not only get warm, but also look at the fire.

Speed and ease of installation are among the greatest advantages of both fireplaces: Home Easy Box and Simple Box designed by the Grilles brand. The assembly of the elements of the fireplace: the fireplace stove, the ready-made steel installation and the accessories necessary for proper installation is intuitive and does not require any specialist knowledge or experience. The tedious, multi-stage installation, through which many people give up their dreams of a new interior, here comes down to a few simple steps, which can be seen in the example of Home Easy Box:

Home Easy Box

The company introduces to the market fireplaces that can be assembled on their own in a few hours, immediately enjoying the beauty of the fire and a pleasant room temperature.

Universal design

Apart from the quick installation of the fireplace, the Grates brand is distinguished by its minimalist, elegant form. The designers made sure that the economical design and carefully selected proportions perfectly match any interior style.

Home Easy Box in a Scandinavian-inspired living room will perfectly harmonize with natural wood of the floor and furniture, in loft space it will give a bit of cosiness, and in arrangements glamour will create a coherent whole with elements of gold or noble marble.

On the other hand, Simple Box in the colour of universal white will be perfect for interiors referring to the rustic style, and the model in intensive black will perfectly complement the interior in the art deco climate. The designers took care of lovers of every style, creating products with such design that they perfectly match even the most original color palette and unusual accessories.

Warmth straight from nature

A ready-made fireplace is worth having at home not only because of its beautiful appearance and the intimate climate it creates, but also as an additional source of heat. Both models of fireplaces: Home Easy Box and Simple Box are able to heat surfaces up to 100 square meters. Equally important is the fact that the appliances of the Grilles brand are EcoDesign certified, i.e. they meet all the strict Ecodesign requirements. The operation of fireplaces is ecological: it does not cause smog and does not affect the nature.

Ease of installation and great functionality of the fireplace are nowadays the key elements that our customers pay attention to. But what we are also very pleased about is the fact that the issue of ecology is equally important for them. By creating environmentally friendly products, we take care of each other. I am glad that the Kratki brand has ecological products in its offer, which are becoming more and more popular. And I am particularly proud of that, says Cezary Ziółek, Marketing Director at

An investment for years

A long list of advantages is supplemented by a 5-year warranty on fireplace inserts NBC-7 and Simple. The Kratki brand, appreciated for its original design and great functionality of the devices, has also taken care of the highest quality of materials used in all products from its offer. Home Easy Box and Simple Box fireplaces are made quickly, but they bring real warmth and joy to the household for many years.

Hot premiere

But the Kratki brand likes to surprise, so it announces a hot launch! Soon, the Home Easy Box series of fireplaces will debut, with a casing made of quartz sinters. The combination of the brilliance of a living fire with the economical design of the large-format fireplaces seems to have no disadvantages. Quartz sinters, thanks to their excellent technical properties: resistance to fire, high temperatures, mechanical damage and scratches, are the ideal finishing material for fireplaces. Equally important is the fact that large-format slabs are easy to use and do not require any special care.

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