Air fireplace Kratki VN 610/430 right BS guillotine


Modern VN inserts supplied in versions with upward facing doors, with additional side glazing, are distinguished not only by their original aesthetics, but also by their excellent performance.

The advantages of this solution are numerous. In addition to the already mentioned aesthetics and usability, we are also dealing with efficient heating of rooms, while burning ecologically. It is also possible to install an air intake from outside without any problem. Are there young children at home? Fortunately, the cartridge has a parental lock, which prevents unauthorised users from opening the door.

Safety is paramount!

In addition to the aforementioned parental lock, the cartridge is equipped with ceramics, which can easily handle temperatures up to 660 degrees Celsius. In addition to this there is a body made of high-quality steel. Both it and the door frame made of a closed profile can easily withstand the enormous stresses that occur at high temperatures. There is also no need to be afraid of tightness, as the welded seams have been made according to all rules, in a noble gas shield.

Appearance and comfort of use at the highest level

As you know, the first impression is largely determined by appearance. With a VN cartridge there is really nothing to complain about. The harmonious vision of fire gives the interior a unique style, and thanks to the decorative glass, the cartridge looks very elegant and modern at the same time.

The upward-facing glass works on refractory bearings which, thanks to their special mounting, guarantee light, quiet and fault-free operation. Thanks to the pressure system used, there is no need to be afraid of the fireplace being sealed. This design allows you to throw in the wood easily and safely.

It is also worth mentioning the special system of clean glass, i.e. appropriately directed air stream, which reduces the amount of soot deposited on the glass.

Ecology and power - this combination is also possible!

The VN cartridge meets the stringent requirements of BImSchV 2, which determines how much CO can be emitted during combustion.

The device is equipped with a TERMOTEC chamber, made of heat accumulating materials, which makes it easier to achieve the desired temperature. Special deflectors reduce the amount of harmful substances into the atmosphere, increasing the efficiency. Triple chamber aeration system guarantees precise wood burning, which translates positively both to economy and ecology.



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