Air fireplace Kratki JAS 6


Our fireplace is a proposal for demanding users who expect not only beautiful design but also warmth, comfort and safety. Quite a small insert with a very modern look has been lined with a special material with properties allowing for a perfect heat accumulation. Thus, we gain an ideal element of interior design and at the same time a fireplace that fulfils its function perfectly.


The combustion chamber in our fireplace is covered with a material called TERMOTEC. This is a unique material that accumulates heat and thus increases the temperature in the chamber. These properties, on the other hand, make it possible to increase the efficiency of combustion and extend the time during which the temperature in the fireplace remains high. The heat generated in the fireplace stove is used in the best possible way thanks to the numerous radiators installed in it. It is also worth noting such elements as the front and body of the fireplace stove. They show very high resistance to high temperatures. This is the result of the use of high-quality steel in them.


The fireplace offered by us perfectly fulfills its role and presents itself beautifully in modern interiors, but above all it is very safe. Thanks to the use of the best technologies, its use is comfortable and simple, so everyone can cope with it. The fireplace is extremely tight, which was achieved thanks to very solid welds. It is enough to mention that they were made in a shield of noble gas.

Whereas steel elements which are part of the insert are cut out by laser, using the best, modern equipment. In addition, they are also bent with CNC bending machines. As far as the front of the insert is concerned, it was also designed in such a way as to ensure our safety. That is why it is equipped with the best quality heat-resistant ceramics. It is resistant to temperatures up to 660 degrees Celsius.


The selection of the highest quality materials and the meticulous manufacturing process of the fireplace in accordance with the most modern technologies makes this fireplace the best choice. An additional proof of this is the fact that the manufacturer offers buyers a 5-year warranty. Operating a fireplace is as simple as keeping it clean. The clean glass system, also known as the air curtain, which reduces the amount of soot remaining on the glass of the fireplace stove, certainly helps.

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