Air fireplace Kratki VN 610/430 left BS guillotine



The modern VN insert in the version with a lift up door (lift up system - guillotine) with side glazing combines unique aesthetics and unique utility properties. Apart from its visual qualities, the device guarantees efficient heating of rooms and ecological burning of wood.


In addition to its visual qualities, this device guarantees efficient heating of individual rooms and ecological burning of wood. Thanks to the use of innovative technical solutions and modern materials, it is characterized by an extremely subtle insight. One of many advantages is the possibility of connecting the air intake from outside. The elegance of the cartridge is also added by decorative glazing of Glass type. Moreover, it has a parental lock, which protects against unauthorized opening of the door.

Safety at the highest possible level

The cartridge ensures the safety of use. It has a so-called parental lock, which protects against unauthorized opening of the door.

The front of the insert is equipped with heat-resistant ceramics, which can withstand temperatures up to six hundred and sixty degrees Celsius. The installed glass has a quality certificate and also a safety certificate.

The front and body of the insert are resistant to high temperatures thanks to the use of high-quality steel.

The door frame is made of a closed profile, which actually makes it resistant and stable to the stresses that occur during operation in high temperatures. The tightness of the perfect insert is guaranteed by welded seams, which are solidly shielded with noble gas. The steel elements are laser cut with modern equipment and then bent on CNC bending machines.


The VN cartridge draws attention to the aesthetics of the finish and modern design. It delights the vision of harmonious fire, gives the interior a very interesting and unique style. The heat not only radiates frontally, but also to the side.

The fireplace is equipped with a decorative and single pane of glass. It looks modern and elegant. The use of this solution optically enlarges the front of the insert and emphasizes the very vision of the fire.


The cartridge door actually works in a lift up system. The glass is lifted up. This system is based on a so-called counterweight. There is a block with a steel wire. It works in guides on two bearing pulleys, thanks to which the door weight itself is evenly distributed. They move on fire-resistant bearings along the length, which are mounted in the frame of the sliding guides, which in fact guarantees their silent, light and failure-free operation. The movement of the door itself is literally a few millimetres from the body itself, which prevents significant damage to the seal. The pressure system itself guarantees full tightness of the furnace.

Thanks to the vertically lifted and lowered door we can place wood in the hearth in a very convenient way. In addition, the mechanism itself allows the side windows to be opened, which makes it easy to clean them and keep the fireplace itself clean.

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