Fireplace Kratki NBC 7 left / right BS guillotine



The NBC contribution draws attention to itself at the first glance due to its small size and the presence of triangular glazing. The first contact also leaves no doubt that we are dealing with a solution that effectively combines unique aesthetics with functional properties that should not be underestimated. The visual qualities of the device go hand in hand with effective heating, as well as respect for the natural environment. The manufacturer has decided to use modern materials. He also did not hesitate to introduce innovative technical solutions. All this made it a proposal with satisfactory technical parameters. What else is worth knowing about it?

Safety at a high level

The cartridge, which is characterized by a parental lock, is a guarantee of its safe use. There is no question of accidentally opening the door upwards, which protects the device from curious little ones. For the safety of users, it was also decided to equip the front of the cartridge with heat-resistant ceramics. This is able to withstand very high temperatures, and the glass itself has the appropriate certificates. We also made sure that not only the body, but also the front of the cartridge is resistant to temperature. This was made possible primarily by the use of high-quality steel. The door frame was also interestingly designed, ensuring that it is made of a closed profile. Thanks to this, we are dealing with a solution that is not only stable, but also shows resistance to the stresses that we are dealing with during high temperature operation. The insert is also tight, but it couldn't have been any different if it was made with solid welds.

Ecology and design

The device meets high requirements and standards, so you can be sure that you do not pose a threat to the environment. However, you can not underestimate the typical modern design and aesthetics of the finish itself. The harmonious vision of fire gives us a room with a unique style. However, it cannot be otherwise, since we are dealing with heat that radiates not only frontally but also sideways. The single pane with a decorative character is also not forgotten. It makes the fireplace look elegant and modern. The use of this solution also brings another advantage by optically enlarging the front of the insert and emphasizing the vision of the fire. The door of the fireplace stove is lifted upwards, which is made possible by the blocks with a steel cord based on bearing-powered disks. The weight of the door can thus be distributed in parallel and they can move along the sliding guides present in the door frame.


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