LEO gas insert with HOME EASY BOX


The fireplace from the LEO HOME BOX series is the answer to the current new design trends. The combination of a fully ecological gas cartridge and a black steel body is a device that will impress every, even the most demanding user. Innovation, perfect proportions and minimalism is a combination that will create a unique atmosphere in every house.

Advantages of the LEO HOME BOX fireplace

The LEO HOME BOX fireplace is a solution for everyone who dreams of a cosy fireplace but does not have time to build it up and operate it further. Choosing this modern device guarantees not only warmth and relaxation but also ecology and exceptional speed of operation. Minimalist construction allows you to fit it into the arrangement of any interior and the whole is a response to the latest interior trends. The LEO HOME BOX fireplace is a combination of a number of advantages that make the device a unique proposition for anyone looking for the perfect fireplace.

The uniqueness .

LEO HOME BOX is a unique device, standing out from other fireplaces. Its body attracts the eye with its originality and extraordinary simplicity and the flame coming out of the gas fireplace will attract every fan of cosy evenings by the fireplace. Simple design allows you to match the device in almost every architectural style and give it additional taste and unique character.

Speed of installation

The LO HOME BOX fireplace is a solution for everyone who dreams of this type of device but simply does not have time to install and operate it. No more brick fireplace that takes a long time to build and requires specialist knowledge. LEO HOME BOX was created to completely minimize the time wasted on its installation. The device consists only of a modular casing, LEO gas cartridge and accessories necessary for installation, which reduces this time to a maximum of several hours of operation.


The LEO HOME BOX fireplace is an extremely intuitive piece of equipment with which you will forget about stubbornly lighting up the fire and carrying heavy logs of wood home. One click is enough to turn on" the fireplace and enjoy a beautiful view of the fire. The combustion process is controlled by an app or remote control, so you can increase or decrease the flame in one movement and even program the temperature for up to seven days. The fireplace is ready for use at any time and does not require any preparation.

Ecology and safety

The LEO HOME BOX is also a tribute to nature. The device does not produce extremely harmful smog and the fuel used to ignite it emits trace amounts of pollutants.

This device also allows you to forget about the fear of poisoning with harmful substances. Its hermetically sealed combustion chamber and a system that allows you to cut off the gas supply is a guarantee of trouble-free operation and peace of mind. In addition, this fireplace does not require any external power supply, so it can work without access to electricity.

Versatility and economy

The LEO HOME BOX gives you a choice of fuel, between LPG from a cylinder and natural gas from the mains connection. The device also does not require a chimney. All you need is a coaxial pipe connected to the fireplace outside the building.

LEO HOME BOX gas fireplace is also a saving that allows you to enjoy beautiful and cozy evenings among the flames at a really small cost. The amount we pay for an hour of smoking in the LEO HOME BOX is only 1.52 PLN!

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