Free-standing fireplace - inspiration


There is nothing better than the heat and heat radiation that a gas fireplace can provide. However, when buying a fireplace it can be really difficult to decide on the right model and style for your home. So to help you make this big buying decision, we highlight one of the most interesting fireplace styles: the free-standing fireplace.

We offer two different types of free-standing fireplaces, Madron and Portrait. Each model offers a different style and look, while offering radiant warmth. This style of fireplaces gives you a rustic, cab-like atmosphere with modern conveniences and the high quality warmth you want for your home. Now that you have decided on the fireplace style you prefer, you need to design the perfect setting and background for your new appliance.

When thinking about installing a free-standing fireplace, it's important to consider the setting behind and around the appliance. One way to really bring a complete rustic atmosphere into your home is to consider accentuating the area with wood, either through the floor, wall design or within the accentuating elements. In combination with other natural elements such as stone, wicker or brick, you will complete the design and create a cozy atmosphere.

Another way to enhance the appearance and character of a free-standing fireplace is to place it in a room with plenty of natural light. Surrounding the fire with windows will make you feel like you're outdoors, while you will keep warm next to flickering flames. Consider adding curtains or window dressings that will accentuate the appearance of the fireplace and give you the opportunity to create a private and inclusive space.

Finally, if you want your free-standing fireplace to stand out from other fireplaces, consider an accent wall that will really help your fireplace to stay in the spotlight. This eye-catching design will act as a central element of your room and you can use the accent wall as an inspiration when decorating the rest of the space. Consider introducing similar colours from the accent wall to the rest of the room to really complete the look.

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