Gas cartridge Kratki LEO 70 left/right for natural gas



LEO is a series that is equipped with a panoramic vision of fire and a very discreet facade frame. In addition, it has only a minimum number of external elements, so that immediately after construction, the fire appears in the first place. This series is adapted to burn natural gas.

Advantages The LEO series is based primarily on maximum energy efficiency.

It has an innovative and elegant gas cartridge, which shows a realistic and horizontal vision of fire.

The workmanship is at the highest level, and the equipment itself is characterized by comfort and simplicity of use.

The vision of the fire is undisturbed by the use of an invisible facade frame and by the fact that only a minimum of steel elements are visible.

The burner, which has been specially designed, allows you to show a realistic vision of the fire, as in a traditional wood-burning fireplace. The flame height can be adjusted.

SAFETY RECOGNISED AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL LEO is CE certified, which ensures safety of use, environmental protection and health.
The combustion chamber is hermetically sealed, which ensures a high level of safety. If, on the other hand, there are any problems with the air/fumes duct or the gas supply, the fireplace automatically switches off.
CONFORMITY OF USE Thermostatic control by means of a touch radio remote control, which has a built-in thermostat.
You can choose the fuel. The cartridge has a closed combustion chamber and is suitable for natural gas or LPG combustion.

The installation does not require a traditional chimney. Thanks to the system of coaxial pipes, you can install everything in rooms without a chimney. It is enough to lead the duct outside the wall or roof of the building.

Thanks to the time control, it is possible to program the daily temperature even a week in advance.

The unit does not need an external power supply. The unit is powered by 4 1.5 V batteries.
The set includes:

- gas cartridge, which is adapted to the combustion of natural gas, - automatics, designed to control the combustion process by means of a touch remote control, - ceramic wood, used to lining the furnace.

NOTE: Before purchasing, it is necessary to determine which type of gas will be used to power the installation - natural or from the cylinder. The choice of burner and nozzles depends on the choice of gas. Before installation, it is also necessary to check whether a given device can be powered by the gas which is in the gas installation. Information on the gas parameters can be found on the identification plate of each fireplace.

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