Air filter Kratki NBC 7 with HOME EASY BOX



Home Easy Box is a fireplace which is a combination of a modern NBC 7 fireplace insert and a ready-to-build steel fireplace. The whole is the perfect answer to the current trends in interior design. It is a combination of minimalism and the beauty of a three-way vision of the fire, creating a cosy atmosphere.

Advantages of the solution

Many people are wondering how to quickly and effectively change the interior of their apartment so that it becomes original. An interesting solution in this case is a fireplace. Home Easy Box is an ideal proposition for all those people who put on modernity, ecology and originality. The casing is made in a minimalist style, so there is no need to worry that it will go into an interior that it will not be able to blend in with. The whole perfectly corresponds to the modern interior trends. People who are particularly demanding, who have enough repetitive solutions, highly appreciate the originality of the finished fireplace. This one focuses on itself, among other things, thanks to the purity of form and beautiful vision it will be played on a three-sided fireplace. It is a solution that breaks with the schemes we are used to and often have enough of.

What about the assembly?

Many people are cautious when buying a fireplace, mainly afraid of not being able to install it properly. Time is a scarce commodity today and it is no surprise to anyone that we don't have much of it. Fortunately, the manufacturers of the fireplace under discussion here are well aware of this, creating a solution that allows you to devote your time not to complicated activities, but to pleasure. The fireplace is, therefore, designed in such a way that its installation is not only quick, but as intuitive as possible. The kit therefore consists of a fireplace stove, a base and a modular casing. You will also find all those accessories that prove necessary if the installation is to be carried out correctly. If you want to put everything together, you can be sure that the operation will be extremely simple. After just a few hours you can enjoy not only the unique atmosphere, but also the view of a dancing fire.

Efficiency of heating

The NBC 7 fireplace stove draws attention to itself not only because it allows for quick and intuitive installation. You cannot overlook the fact that many innovative solutions have been applied. So if you decide to heat your home with this device, you can be sure that the energy will be used to the maximum. The power of the device is so high that we can talk about effective heating of an area of up to one hundred square meters.


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