Ecological fireplace Kratki ZOSIA ECO


ZOSIA ECO is an eye-catching fireplace due to its cast-iron combustion chamber. It is airtight and thus can be used wherever recuperation is applied. Its characteristic technical properties are also noteworthy. What else is worth knowing about it.

Conventional application of the fireplace

The device can be successfully described as innovative, if only because it has a clean glass system. The so-called air curtain is created by an evenly distributed air stream. As a result, we can count on the glass to be regularly replaced, which in turn minimises soot build-up. The window is thus clean and attractive for a long time. The insert can also be kept clean because of the grate installed in it and the special container whose task is to collect the ashes. It also has a practical removable fence that makes cleaning the fireplace easier and the tree does not fall out of the fireplace either. The fireplace stove also draws attention to itself because of its double back plate and its solid handle. This one is protected against excessive heating, so we can count on using the fireplace in a really comfortable way.

Maximum use of energy

If you look at the insert, you will quickly notice that it has externally mounted radiators with high density. Such a solution significantly increases the area of heat transfer to the environment. The advantage of such a solution is also that it leads to an increase in the power of the fireplace. It is also worth mentioning the combustion of fuel particles thanks to the deflector. This process makes combustion more efficient and guarantees better use of energy. At the same time, the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere is minimized. The device also has a triple system for venting the combustion chamber. This makes the process of wood combustion in the cartridge not only economical but also ecological. The air supply to the insert takes place from the outside, which is possible because there is an integrated air inlet. The air intake itself is located at the bottom of the insert. The so-called secondary air is supplied through holes in the rear wall of the stove. This afterburning system is not only responsible for the combustion of the gas itself, but also for the reduction of harmful emissions to the environment. You can count on increasing the efficiency of the fireplace with low CO2 emissions at the same time. Another advantage of the device is the so-called clean glass system.


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