A cracked heat exchanger in the furnace - you have to fix it!


What is a heat exchanger?

That's a good question. And the best place to start. The heat exchanger is an essential part of your stove. It is designed to stop the hot exhaust gases from the burner and transfer their heat to the air passing through the stove and to the pipes. The metal chambers of the heat exchanger prevent the flue gases from mixing with the air you enter and breathe.

And you certainly don't want to breathe what's in the heat exchanger! One of the by-products is carbon monoxide, which is particularly deadly. If the heat exchanger breaks, it can open up to allow these toxic contaminants to escape and get directly into the air in your home.

Why does the heat exchanger crack?
There are several reasons, but the most basic of these are the years of wear and tear of the stove. The heat exchanger expands and shrinks as it heats up and cools down, and this can eventually create enough stress to break. This process will accelerate due to lack of maintenance. (Another great reason never to miss the annual maintenance!)

The load on the stove creates metal fatigue, which manifests itself as small holes and cracks, often with rust. Even leaks caused by holes in the holes can lead to the leakage of a dangerous amount of carbon monoxide. This may not look "so bad", but it can be. The only way to accurately assess the problem is through a combustion analysis, which our experts perform on all systems.

This problem must be fixed - and we will fix it!
If our team finds a cracked heat exchanger, it cannot legally allow the heating system to continue to operate because of the danger ... and responsibility! The unit must be condemned and either the heat exchanger or the entire stove must be replaced. There are no shortcuts!

We understand that this can be unpleasant news. But discovering a broken heat exchanger and repairing it prevents the potentially fatal danger of gas leakage! You need a quick, professional furnace repair to fix the problem, and you can trust our technicians to do the best job to keep your family safe. We are not just here to warm your home, but to protect it and the people in it.

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