Steel free-standing furnace Kratki KOZA AB


The Koza AB gas stove is a solution that at first glance seems different from what the competition can offer us. It draws attention to itself both because of its modern line and original technical solutions. The latter are a guarantee of thermal efficiency and at the same time have a positive impact on the comfort of operation. The device has two panes. The outer one has a decorative motif, but the glass system that covers the entire surface of the door also deserves attention. This is not an accidental solution, and its presence makes it look not only modern but also exceptionally elegant. The ceramic burner also looks interesting. We owe it a realistic vision of the fire, reminiscent of that of a classic wood-burning stove. The height of the flame can also be adjusted manually by us.

The greatest advantage - safety

The stove has been equipped by its manufacturer with a safe yet extremely advanced system of automatic gas control, which is done using a remote control. This prevents fuel leakage in an uncontrolled way. The hermetically sealed combustion chamber, which provides the highest level of safety, is also appreciated. As a result, if the chimney is blocked, it is possible to shut down the stove automatically, which in turn guarantees full flame control. Excellent tightness of the furnace is also possible thanks to the welds which were created using noble gas welding technology. Steel elements were cut with a modern laser and then also bent with CNC bending machines. The advantage is also the introduction of its own electric power supply into the furnace, which makes it a solution independent of the electrical system. It works, therefore, correctly even when there is a power outage. Another interesting solution is automation in the device. It ensures that the stove will not be misused by unauthorized persons such as children. It is also not a problem to program it in such a way that it can be switched on and off at the time indicated by us. The thermocouple sensor is also a modern and practical solution. When the flame is extinguished, it is able to ensure that the gas does not reach the burner.

Simplicity of operation

Those who are afraid of not being able to handle the stove have no reason to worry. Both control and adjustment of the device is done using the remote control, which has a built-in thermostat. What is more, the installation itself is possible even without the need for a classic chimney, and the solution is a coaxial cable system.


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