Steel free-standing furnace Kratki AB S/2



Koza AB focusing on itself mainly because it has a cylindrical, modern shape, is an excellent solution for all those who have always dreamt of a fireplace, but insufficient space made this dream impossible to realize.

Maximum use of energy

Both the body and the front of the insert attract attention because of their resistance to high temperatures. This is possible thanks to the high quality steel - a material successfully used for their production. The goat has not one but two deflectors. This leads to an elongation of the exhaust gas path and, consequently, to the afterburning of the fuel particles in an even more efficient and environmentally friendly way. The triple system responsible for aeration of the combustion chamber also looks interesting. Primary air is supplied under the grate, while secondary air goes into the insert using holes in the rear wall. There is also space in the insert for a clean glass system and a special material responsible for heat accumulation. The latter deserves special praise, as the above mentioned temperature in the chamber is responsible for even more efficient combustion. The built-in air intake from outside cannot be omitted either. Its presence makes it possible for air from the outside to reach the fireplace, and not from the outside of the building. This ensures that the quality of combustion and the comfort of use are maintained.

Safety and its role

When we analyse safety issues, we must first mention the excellent tightness. This is mainly due to the solid welds, which would not have been possible without the noble gas shielding. The steel elements themselves are laser cut with the use of modern equipment, which also has no problems with loss of tightness. On the front of the cartridge, the so-called heat-resistant ceramics have found their place, perfectly coping with even very high temperatures. The cast iron grate and ashtray can be easily removed, which makes it easier to keep the fireplace clean. The so-called clean glass system also proves to be helpful. Even if it does not fully eliminate the risk of soot build-up, it is certain that it significantly reduces it. Safety is also enhanced by the sliding handle - a unique combination of comfort and elegance. What's more, the goat is used in a variety of installation conditions, so it's up to the buyer whether the smoke outlet is at the back of the stove or on top of it.


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