Kratki ENYO freestanding stove



The ENYO furnace is an innovative device that performs its function perfectly. However, it is also an ecological solution, which also looks great. Therefore, it can be a decorative element that perfectly fits into the modern style of interior design of our homes.

Advantages of the ENYO furnace

ENYO is a free-standing stove, which uses the latest technology. The device also meets all ecological standards, even the very strict ones. Thanks to this, it is a product ideally suited to our times and current trends in interior design. The ENYO stove is distinguished by its ideal proportions, and at the same time it provides us with an exceptional view of the flames bursting in it. Thus, it will introduce a unique atmosphere to every interior in which we decide to use it.


Minimalist, elegant, but at the same time exceptionally original form of the ENYO furnace are its undeniable advantages. It perfectly matches the fashionable arrangement solutions that are currently on top. However, its appearance is not everything, because this stove also delights with its exceptionally beautiful fire display, which makes the whole room more cosy.

The ENYO stove uses a handleless door opening system, which is a complete innovation. Thanks to such a solution, using it becomes, above all, safer. However, the absence of a handle makes it possible for us to fully concentrate on a visible fire that is too fast, such as Glass. It also looks particularly modern, adding to the sophistication of this device.


The most important task of an ENYO furnace is to heat the interior properly. Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art technology, we can guarantee users that the device is able to make maximum use of the energy it produces. The heat generated in it allows for effective heating of even large rooms up to 60 m2. If we want to save money, it is worth to burn dry deciduous wood in such a stove. As numerous studies show, this type of fuel is generally the cheapest.


The ENYO furnace in combination with the best method of burning in it with dry deciduous wood is the best solution for our environment. Thanks to such an action we significantly reduce the amount of smog. This is possible, among others, thanks to the fact that ENYO furnaces meet the standards indicated in the Ecodesign and in the German BImSchV 2. These furnaces are also extremely tight, so they can be used in houses with recuperation.


Being aware of the excellent quality that distinguishes our furnaces, we offer users a 5-year warranty. We are convinced that choosing ENYO furnace is the best investment.

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