5 typical problems with a gas furnace


Welcome back to our series of guest bloggers! Today's post comes to us courtesy of Thompson Hydraulics, Heating, & Cooling. Thompson is located in the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area, and has graciously allowed us to republish this list of five problems that people often encounter in gas stoves. We hope these tips are helpful in keeping your home comfortable this winter!

It is at this time of year - temperatures have fallen and you use your heating system regularly. Unfortunately, many people find that their natural gas stove does not work properly when they start using it again in autumn or winter. The problem can be solved with something as simple as re-lighting the control light or replacing the filter, or it can be more complicated to repair the stove. Here are five typical problems with a gas stove with their possible causes and repairs.

1) The stove does not generate heat.
Possible causes are: defective thermostat; thermostat set too low; control lamp out; blown fuse or circuit breaker; gas valve closed; or electronic ignition problems.

Depending on the cause of the problem, make sure that the thermostat is in "heating mode" and adjust it by a few degrees, re-light the indicator light, replace a blown fuse or a fuse that has tripped, solve the thermostat problem or solve an electronic ignition problem.

2. the stove does not generate enough heat.
This can be caused by blocked airflow or by dirty or misaligned gas burners. In some cases, the air flow is impeded by a dirty air filter in the stove, and if it is replaced, the problem is resolved.

To solve the problem, try to replace the air filter, and if this does not solve the problem, ask the technician to clean/adjust the burners and make sure that the air flow to the combustion chamber is not blocked.

3. the blower always works
The thermostat can be set to the "continuous fan" setting, or if the thermostat is not set to the "fan" setting, the stove may have a defective fan limit switch.
To solve this problem, you only need to adjust the thermostat fan setting, or it may be necessary to reset or replace the fan limit switch in the furnace.

4. the stove enters and leaves too quickly
This behaviour can be caused by a problem with the thermostat's heat counter-ventilator, a problem with the blower motor or a dirty furnace air filter.
Start by replacing the air filter. If this does not solve the problem, it may be necessary to adjust the heat exchanger thermostat or solve the blower motor problem. It may be necessary to oil the blower motor at the lubrication points, adjust the belt (if it is too loose) or replace (if it is frayed).

Noisy operation
The cause of a noisy stove can be determined by the pitch of the sound it makes: the tweeter sound may indicate that the shaft bearings need oiling or that the blower belt is slipping; the woofer sound may indicate that the pilot light is not properly adjusted or the gas burners are dirty.

To solve the problem, try oiling the blower motor lubrication holes and check that the belt is properly tensioned and not frayed. You can also try to adjust the pilot lamp and have the gas burners cleaned or adjusted by a furnace service technician.

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