Pellet oven Kratki VIKING


The Viking pellet stove is one of the most advantageous solutions you can decide on these days. It is an efficient and very economical heating device that uses innovative technologies. The stove is extremely friendly to the surrounding environment because it is based on renewable combustion and clean fuel, more specifically pellets. The device will use the optimal amount of fuel necessary to heat specific rooms, which will significantly reduce existing bills.

A modern device that will work in many rooms

The Viking stove is characterized by an original shape and original appearance. The front of the device is made of glass panels (tempered). The casing is made of the highest quality steel and is additionally protected with powder paint. The chamber is lined with specially selected cast-iron elements.

The advantage of this device is that it can be managed by touch. The controller is hidden under the glass, so it is very easy to find. The furnace gains recognition mainly due to its minimalism and delicacy. It fits perfectly into many rooms. It is an elegant stove that provides excellent visibility of the fire. There is also a convenient handle available for customers.

Easy to use and work in different modes.

Those who decide to buy a Viking stove must be aware that it is very easy to use, so it will not cause any major problems to anyone. The panel of the stove is characterized by the presence of an intuitive menu. Fuel for pellets is placed in an isolated space, so there are no problems with its efficient filling. The tray which is responsible for fuel handling can hold up to 15 kg, which means that the stove can operate continuously for 25 hours.

The device described above operates in different modes: programmable, manual and thermostat. It uses the so-called "clean glass system", so that impurities do not accumulate on the glass. During combustion, a small amount of ash is generated, so it does not need to be emptied every few hours. The furnace is also equipped with special fans, which effectively heat up a particular room or remove excess fumes. In addition, fresh air is supplied to it (from outside the building).

Viking device is very safe heating equipment. Any irregularities of users are indicated by special sound signals and messages that appear on the display.

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