Furnace Kratki THOR


THOR is a free-standing stove made of steel. One of its main advantages is its simple yet attractive and eye-catching shape.

A few words about the appearance

This is not the most important thing, but there is no denying the fact that a lot of people look primarily at the appearance, completely reducing the importance of the other properties. The stove has a simple, geometric shape, whose attractiveness has been increased by three-sided glazing, which makes the vision of the fire much more attractive. Moreover, decorative glass increases the overall charm of the device. The interior of the stove is lined with a special material, the properties of which we will discuss later, for now we will only note that it contrasts perfectly with the stove, giving it a modern look.

Economy and ecology

To begin with, it is worth noting that the stove meets the strict BImSchV 2 standards, which specify the maximum CO

But let's go back to the interior of the stove and the material called TERMOTEC. This is a ceramic insert which not only looks attractive but also accumulates heat and raises the temperature in the furnace. Full combustion is possible thanks to the deflector, which increases the exhaust route, improving overall combustion efficiency. This solution also reduces the emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere.

The air inlet at the bottom of the insert makes adjustment easier and prevents misuse. The whole mechanism works quietly and without any problems. The triple air system of the combustion chamber guarantees economic and ecological combustion.

The THOR insert also has a Clean Glass System, an air curtain that reduces the amount of soot that is deposited on the windscreen. This is not the only advantage of this system. It supplies oxygen to the upper part of the chamber, which facilitates the burning of the wood.

User safety and comfort

Safety must not be forgotten either. The front part of the stove is equipped with a ceramic insert that can withstand temperatures up to 660 degrees Celsius. The furnace body and door are also resistant to high temperatures, all thanks to the use of high-quality steel.

The comfort of using such a stove is also very important. The THOR is equipped with a large chamber, which allows you to place more trees in it. A movable drawer with a grate makes it easy to keep the insert clean. The smoke outlet can be mounted both on top and back of the unit, making it easy to install the stove at home. The air inlets are also well positioned.

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