Garden heater Kratki UMBRELLA


Umbrella is a modern gas heater that can be said to be able to extend our summer time. Its presence will allow for unforgettable moments on the terrace and in the garden, even on cooler evenings. The device is a guarantee to confront temperatures and at the same time a unique design. An impressive flame that illuminates the surroundings allows to create a truly unique atmosphere. It is a unique combination of warmth, mood, comfort and safety.

Design for the new era

The first look at the Umbrella heater makes us realize that we are dealing with a unique decoration both on the home terrace and in the garden. It is also a solution that can be successfully used both in the gastronomy and leisure industry. The heater is an interesting, nice la eye decoration. Therefore, it guarantees not only a pleasant warmth, but also an attractive appearance. All this makes terraces and gardens in houses and restaurants are always full of guests. This will be nice and warm not only in summer, but also in spring and autumn.

Use without complications

Firing up the heater itself is a simple operation and will take up to several seconds. The heater has a gas reducer and a special hose prepared to connect the gas cylinder. Also the operation of the device on one power is not a challenge, as it can last up to seventeen hours. The solution works perfectly regardless of whether we want to use propane-butane or pure propane, although the latter is the gas recommended by the manufacturer. During its operation, the heater does not make any noise. There is also no need to be afraid of any smells. Moreover, its action does not affect the air circulation, which is particularly good news for allergy sufferers.

Safety is essential

The heater is powered by the gas from the cylinder, which is located in its perimeter. The flames are closed in the chamber, so there is no risk of direct contact with the fire. The heater is also designed in such a way that the burning fire is protected from contact with the wind. It has a special valve that activates when the device overturns. It is thanks to this valve that the gas supply to the regulator is immediately cut off, and thus the flame disappears immediately. The heater is also equipped with a gas control system, which prevents a situation of uncontrolled gas leakage.


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