Free-standing gas heater Kratki PATIO MINI



PATIO MINI is an extremely elegant gas heater with which you can achieve both warmth and magical glow in the form of delicate light. What distinguishes it from other products is the possibility to watch the fire from all sides. It will work perfectly in the garden or on the terrace, giving moments spent outdoors a unique character.


PATIO MINI is an extremely innovative and inconspicuous heater, which, thanks to its universal design, will work perfectly in any arrangement. High quality materials and modern systems, such as a ceramic stake, have been used in its production, thanks to which it can also decorate any terrace or garden. Heaters such as PATIO MINI can often be found in renowned restaurant gardens, where giving customers warmth even on very cold evenings allows them to enjoy a beautiful environment.


The PATIO MINI heater is extremely easy to use, which is definitely one of the most important features. It can work with full resources for up to 30 hours. It uses commonly available propane and propane-butane cylinders for body secretion. It is equipped with efficient wheels, allowing it to be moved to any place. It also has a function of blocking the castors, with which you can maximize the safety of its use.

The heater is also environmentally and animal friendly. It does not emit any sounds or smells during operation. Thanks to the high quality of materials used in its production, the heater is very easy to clean, and some of its elements, such as glass, do not require any care. PATIO MINI also presents high resistance to mechanical factors, which prevents damage to its surface.


Safety when using heaters such as PATIO MINI is by far the most important issue. The heat generated by the PATIO MINI comes from liquid gas from a cylinder, which is well protected under a steel casing. The fire streams generated by the heater are separated from the outside environment by a robust 4 mm glass barrier to protect against direct exposure. The PATIO MINI heater is also protected against the action of the wind by means of a precisely made upper casing.

PATIO MINI has a modern system of manual gas control, which protects against gas leakage, significantly increasing safety during use. The heater is also equipped with a system of thermocouple sensors, which cuts off the gas supply if necessary. In addition, the PATIO MINI is equipped with a special anti-burn-out valve, which in case of overturning the heater leads to extinguishing the fire, cutting off the fuel supply.


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