Gas heater Kratki PATIO


PATIO is a unique gas heater. Its unique features ensure not only an even distribution of heat around the terrace, but also safety and comfort. PATIO can be found wherever at nightfall it is necessary to provide an additional source of light, be it when creating a unique atmosphere in the company of loved ones or lonely moments of relaxation with your favourite book. PATIO is also a unique gas lamp whose fire is visible from all sides.

Modern design

Thanks to its unique design, the PATIO will easily find itself in almost any room. The heat provided by the heater can be used in the home garden and the terrace during moments of rest. PATIO is not only functionality but also aesthetics. The heater can be used as an exceptional complement to the decoration of the restaurant or in tourism, where it can be used as a resting place for guests. The shape of PATIO allows to provide pleasant warmth for a long time, and locating it in the garden will provide guests with the effect of spilling warmth around them regardless of the current season and aura of the day. Stones as well as decorative glass are one of the accessories that allow to adjust the heater to your needs. The appearance is not only due to the decoration, but to the fire itself, which thanks to the use of a ceramic burner gives the impression of a natural and exceptionally vivid.


The patio can be easily moved thanks to the fixed castors. The heater itself makes no unwanted noises during operation. Allergy sufferers can't complain about anything either. The PATIO does not disturb the air and does not emit any odours. The device itself consists only of one button in the lower chamber of the stove. The heater can operate continuously for up to 30 hours and at full load. The device uses 11 kg gas cylinders, and the fire it produces does not come into contact with the glass. Thus, there is no need to wash them.


The fire in the PATIO is extracted from a cylinder hidden in the housing. Its source is liquid gas hidden in the lower steel part of the device. The lower chamber is also covered with powder paint, which provides greater safety and much greater resistance to possible damage to the chamber. At the same time it is not possible to open the chamber with the cylinder on its own. It is additionally protected against such unauthorized opening with a lock located in the door.

At the same time, the design of the heater prevents any lack of control over the fire, and at the same time it is constructed in such a way that it allows the heat to be uniformly and evenly distributed in each direction. The PATIO also has a safety system which, in case of losing the riser, cuts off the gas supply to the controller through an anti-tilt valve and thus instantly silences the flames. The heater does not require the use of an electrical installation, so it can be used without any obstacles even in case of a temporary power failure. In addition to the heater, a special system of manual control of the gas supply is also designed to ensure comfort and safety at work. Thanks to it there will be no uncontrolled fuel leakage.

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