Benefits of having a gas heater


Gas heaters have many advantages, including being energy efficient, a reliable source of heat and low running costs. With the option of natural gas heaters or portable LPG heaters, there are many benefits of using gas to heat your home. With heating up to 40% of your electricity bill+, there is no better time than now to discover the benefits of gas heating. In this article we present 5 key reasons why it is worthwhile to choose internal gas heating for your home.

1) Gas heaters are economical
An internal gas heater is usually cheaper to operate than an electric heater. Because a gas heater produces more heat than an electric heater, it will heat your space faster and use much less energy. Gas is also a cheap and convenient fuel, which means that the cost of running a gas heater is generally lower and more affordable than taking energy from the electricity grid. If you plan to leave the heater for the whole day, a gas heater can be cheaper to operate. Savings will vary depending on the cost of fuel, local climate and other factors in your home.

2.Gas heating is environmentallyfriendly
An internal natural gas heater will be more energy-efficient than an electric heater, generally with higher efficiency in a star. Natural gas-powered appliances have been proven to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and natural gas is a low carbon alternative to electricity produced from coal. Electricity uses more energy, so using gas appliances for heating (plus hot water and cooking) is more efficient, with emissions 83% lower than lignite. (Source: Environmental Accounts Department of Natural Greenhouses in August 2015).

3.Gas provides a reliable heat source
When it comes to using gas in an internal heater, you can expect a reliable source of heat. With a gas heater you will not be at the mercy of power surges or power cuts, and your heater will continue to heat your space effectively and efficiently. Gas heaters heat the room faster than electric heaters, which means you won't have to suffer from the cold while waiting for the heat from the heater to reach you in the room.

4.Gas heaters are ideal for modern homes
Gas heat is an option designed to heat large spaces. Higher heat output means that the internal gas heater will be more efficient in heating larger spaces, quickly and effectively. Many modern homes have an open living space that is better suited for gas heating. The way modern families live in their homes easily provides the heat that only gas heating can provide.

5.There are many ways to heat a house with gas.
If you decide to heat your house with gas, you will use either natural gas or LPG. Depending on how the gas source is connected to your home, the style of available heaters provides a wide choice for your space. You can choose from space heaters, wall stoves, portable gas heaters, gas fireplaces and more.

Types of gas

Natural gas
This type of gas occurs naturally. It is a fossil fuel extracted from the depths of the earth. It has no smell or colour, and is formed from the decomposition of plant and animal remains over millions of years. Natural gas is connected to your home by gas pipelines and is dosed for use (like electricity).

The benefits of natural gas include

Lower carbon dioxide emissions

  • Cheaper running costs
  • High heating capacity
  • Also a great fuel option for cooking and hot water
  • LPG
  • Liquid or propane gas is produced during the refining of crude oil or extracted during the production of natural gas. Since it is bottled and portable, a small amount of pressurised gas is added to it to transport LPG, forming a liquid. This allows it to be stored and transported in cylinders. LPG is often delivered home and the cylinders are connected to the property by pipes.

The benefits of LPG include

  • Convenient storage in bottles or cylinders
  • Portable fuel source, for many purposes
  • High temperature in a short time
  • Low operating costs

Types of gas heaters
There are many options when choosing an internal gas heater. Take into account the desired price range, the style of your home and the type of gas you have available.

Gas heater options include:

  • Space heaters: These types of heaters are often affordable and are a great way to heat up a room without breaking the bank. They are usually compact, but they produce efficient heat for most homes.
  • Wall heaters: Gas wall heaters are a stylish solution for your living space. They can often be installed in an existing fireplace and the Premium options will be quiet while emitting heat for greater comfort in your home.
  • A gas log burns: If you want a sound and flickering flame, a gas fireplace is the solution for you. It offers the whole range of open fire, without having to chop wood or remove ashes or embers.

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