Heating of terraces and conservatories


The terrace is an increasingly common construction element of single-family houses. It is hardly surprising, because the presence of such a thing in our houses is really a great addition. It allows you to relax alone in an exceptionally pleasant environment, as well as to meet friends or family there.

Unfortunately, in our country the terrace is a seasonal solution. The weather is of course to blame. Without heating the terrace you cannot stay there all year round. A heating umbrella is still the dominant way to heat the terrace, but infrared heaters are also increasingly used. What is the difference between these solutions and what do you need to know about them before buying?

Electric and gas heaters

Gas is burned in the heating umbrellas, which creates heat. Infrared heaters are more complicated. Electricity is converted in them into heat radiation, which is transferred in the infrared band. Thanks to this radiation, we can warm up like in the sun, but there is no UV radiation harmful to us, like in real sunlight.

Contrary to popular belief, using electricity for heating is not very expensive. Much more important when comparing both methods is their energy efficiency. With thermal umbrellas, only about 1/3 of the energy is converted into useful heat. In the best infrared heaters as much as 90% of the electricity will be well used.

Although gas is theoretically cheaper, it takes 2-3 times more energy from gas to produce a heat unit than is the case with infrared heaters that draw energy from electricity. What's more, the umbrella works on points. This means that it heats the air directly in front of it and then this air has to mix with the environment. The infrared heaters radiate, so the energy reaches its destination immediately and efficiently.

. The differences in the price of heating are very clear. An hour of heating of the terrace of 15m2 is the price of about a zloty using electricity. Gas heating can cost us even 5 PLN. What is more, taking care of heat umbrellas is much more complicated than taking care of infrared heaters, which basically do not require any adjustment work or regular repairs.

Service and maintenance of heating devices

For gas umbrellas, we will not be able to avoid regular maintenance work. It is, of course, necessary to regularly replace the gas cylinder and fill it. The valves and nozzles must also be cleaned so that there are no problems. The heating process itself is problematic because the gas burns, so exhaust fumes and greenhouse gases are produced. If there is insufficient ventilation, guests on the terrace can even poison themselves. And increased ventilation means heat loss. Radiant heaters are free from these problems, because they burn nothing and provide their energy in the form of pure radiation straight to the target.

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