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It is worthwhile to enrich the equipment of our terraces and gardens with a unique, beautifully looking free-standing fireplace. It is a product of the highest quality, created from the best materials during a professional production process that meets global standards. The fireplace not only keeps us warm on a cooler day, but also creates a pleasant, cozy atmosphere and is an unusual decoration, perfectly matching the modern style. The most important advantages of a fireplace in your own garden is a great idea for spending a pleasant time with family or friends. However, nobody wants it to leave a burnt-out, unsightly black hole on the grass. In such a case, a garden fireplace is perfect, which can be placed not only on the lawn but also on the terrace or sidewalk by our house. Thanks to it we can freely light the fire in these places without worrying that the fire will leave any ugly marks. What is equally important, the fireplace looks beautiful. Its modern design makes it, apart from fulfilling its most important function, a great decorative element of the space. When we light a fire in it, we will certainly be able to warm up with it, which is especially pleasant on cooler evenings. However, the flame from the fireplace also guarantees a cosy atmosphere. It is therefore a great idea to spend a romantic evening with your beloved one, but also for a unique meeting with people close to us.


The garden hearth we offer is a unique product. It was created from the best available materials, which are distinguished by their durability and resistance. So we are confident that they will perform their role perfectly for a very long time. In addition, special attention is paid to the production process of the fireplace itself. It is meticulously supervised by qualified people, thanks to which it meets the most important world standards and thus provides users with a product of the highest quality. To ensure that the garden fireplace will serve us for as long as possible in good shape it is recommended to use dry wood. It is also worth deciding to light a fire in it with natural kindling. This will make the effect much better and the flame simply more beautiful. However, it will not adversely affect the air quality. It is worth remembering this, because ecological solutions are always a better choice.

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