Gas furnace Kratki AQF


AQF is an extremely stylish and elegant gas fireplace, which is used to arrange and insulate external surfaces, giving them a unique appearance. It has been designed on the basis of modern technologies in order to guarantee high quality and usability to its recipients. Thanks to innovative solutions, its finish depends largely on the preferences and tastes of customers, who can adapt its appearance to their own garden or terrace.


The AQF gas fireplace is a modern model that can be built into any casing of your choice. Many customers choose to combine it with a table top, table or even a gas bowl. Its versatility will surely be appreciated by lovers of independence, who pay great attention to the appearance of the terrace.

It is a timeless model, which looks great in any arrangement. Thanks to its universal properties it can be successfully adapted to most popular arrangement styles, which gives it a completely new dimension. In addition to serving as a heating element for people in its vicinity, it becomes an unusual decorative element.


The AQF oven presents high usability and ease of use. It takes no more than a few seconds to start up the fireplace itself, so it will work for people living in a hurry. It is operated by means of a simple system, and thanks to the possibility to manually adjust the level of the flame, it gives optimal results. You can successfully use it on very cold evenings, adjusting the temperature to suit your needs.

The AQF fireplace uses modern technologies that allow it to work for up to 13 hours. To generate heat it uses propane or propane-butane cylinders, with a cylinder of 11 kg. Thanks to the use of robust and resistant materials, the AQF is also extremely pleasant to maintain and clean. Its coating is well protected against mechanical damage, so after years of use it looks as good as it did on the day of purchase.


The use of the AQF gas fireplace is characterised by a high level of safety, thanks to the presence of an innovative gas control system that prevents uncontrolled gas leakage. The stove is additionally equipped with an emergency system - a tilt valve, which cuts off the fuel supply when the burner overturns, protecting against dangerous situations. AQF is also equipped with a thermocouple sensor, which further increases the level of safety and comfort of use.

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