Ecological fireplaces - a delightful fire in harmony with nature


The house is the only such place in the world. It is furnished with the highest attention to every detail, "tailor-made" to individual needs and desires. Created with care
about the environment. Pro-environmental materials and equipment are not only fashionable today, but increasingly often a legal requirement. In order to enjoy an extraordinary view of the living fire in your home, the European Union's environmental legislation must be taken into account in addition to design and colouring. In order to benefit from the heat from the fireplace for many years to come, it is worth taking care that the appliance meets all the standards of EU and national law.

Fireplace and EU standards

The most important legal issues concerning the operation of energy equipment are regulated by the European Commission Regulation of 25 April 2015. Detailed standards for emissions of dust, nitrogen and carbon monoxide, commonly referred to as Ecodesign, are aimed at reducing the amount of harmful substances released into the atmosphere and improving the environmental performance of new products placed on the EU market. From 1 January 2022, Ecodesign regulations for fireplaces, stoves and kitchens will come into force in Poland. In less than two years' time, only those models will be allowed to be used which, in accordance with the EC Regulation, will meet all the restrictive requirements concerning the emission of particulates, gaseous organic compounds, carbon and nitrogen oxides and energy efficiency limits. Simplifying, ecological fireplaces are to operate in such a way that their operation does not have a negative impact on the environment. Even before the EU standards entered into force, the fight against smog was started by the Małopolskie, Śląskie or Opolskie Voivodeships, introducing anti-smog resolutions.

Eco-chimneys made in Poland

On the Polish fireplace market, the stringent EU requirements are met by the Kratki brand products. The philosophy of this company is focused on unconventional design, great functionality, but also care for the environment. The rich portfolio of the leader in the fireplace industry includes ecological fireplace inserts marked with the ECODESIGN certificate, e.g. NBC 7 with Home Easy Box, Nadia dressed in tiles, MBA, MBO, and stoves, e.g. the popular Koza AB, Koza K5, which meet all standards of national law and Ecodesign. The appliances, which have a special marking, do not exceed the emission standards for carbon and nitrogen oxides and gaseous organic pollutants. Furthermore, they meet the standards for seasonal heating efficiency and dust production. The operation of ecological heating devices is not only a saving, but above all it is a concern for the quality of the air we breathe.

"ECODESIGN-certified products are the future of the fireplace industry. Eco-friendly appliances are perfect in every respect. Eco-friendly fireplaces combine modern design, functionality refined in every detail, and of course they are environmentally friendly. That is why I am convinced that such devices are a good way forward. - convinces Cezary Ziółek, marketing director from

Although the EU legal requirements will not come into force until 2022, when deciding to buy a fireplace or a stove, it is already worth making sure that the device has the ECODESIGN certificate. Nowadays, respect for the natural environment counts, along with unique design and excellent functionality. And the Polish manufacturer understands this perfectly, introducing ecological devices to its offer. Thanks to them we will be able to breathe clean air again, and the problem of smog will remain only a memory.

Fireplace in one day!

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