Fireplace trends in the home and garden


It would seem that everything has already been said about the interior design trends of this season. But what is happening around us has redefined how we approach our interior design. Today, as never before, we pay attention to aesthetics, functionality, safety and ecology, bearing in mind that we spend more and more time in our own apartment. And a cosy climate, natural warmth and a homely atmosphere will create fire in fireplaces and stoves regardless of circumstances. Interior designers and architects playing with the flames of fire make the leading element of the interior, a counterpoint to concrete and marble, but also a perfect complement to wood and red brick. In the natural glow of fire they rest both body and mind.

Biophilic design

Relaxation, preferably in the bosom of nature, is a guarantee of well-being, which is why the eco trend is so popular nowadays, which makes the pristine beauty of nature the leading motif of every arrangement. Organic shapes, plant motifs and earth colours are the basic distinguishing features of the biofilm trend. Nature enters interiors, because nothing soothes the senses as the sight of field flowers on a forest clearing, calm waves on the lake or morning fog floating over a fir forest.

More and more often the terrace or balcony is arranged in such a way that it is an extension of the living room. Similar colours, materials and arrangement solutions - two spaces, internal and external, merge in an extremely smooth way. Opening the living room to the terrace is easiest to achieve thanks to glass sliding doors, large-format windows or glass walls. The terrace or balcony can be used as an additional room - equipped with tables, benches, chairs, hammocks, deckchairs, swings, jacuzzis, armchairs, heaters or bio-fires, they are ideal as a place to meet family and friends, a carefree holiday laziness with your favourite book or a weekend breakfast for two. And the coolness of the evening can be easily handled by gas heaters, which will illuminate the night's darkness with a pleasant, warm flame. Apart from the unique climate they build in the patio, garden or terrace, gas heaters such as Umbrella from the brand Kratki are distinguished by their excellent safety. They can be used in the company of the youngest members of the household and animals, and special protections additionally protect against blowing off the fire e.g. by strong wind.


In the current of carefree rest there are also interior design inspirations from far away Denmark. The Scandinavian philosophy of wellbeing puts cosiness, family warmth and a romantic atmosphere at the centre. It is supposed to be wonderfully bright at home, hence the Danish worship for the ubiquitous candles and the large number of lamps and wall lamps; a pleasant scent of incense or freshly baked cake is supposed to float in the air and natural warmth is supposed to flow from the fireplace. Natural materials are indispensable in this style: wood, stone, jute, bamboo, flax with a definite advantage of wood. The floor and furniture made of light ash, a bit darker walnut or oak, accompanied by wooden buildings and accessories in the form of soft blankets, blankets and pillows will work perfectly. But hygge style is also a carefully planned corner for relaxation and tranquility. A bucket chair on skids, a coffee table next door and your favourite reading and a view of the living flame of the fire from a traditional fireplace will fit perfectly into the Danish philosophy of happiness.

Fireplace in one day!

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