We're making a fireplace at home. What do you care?


A fireplace is primarily building a unique atmosphere in our home. It looks beautiful and is a perfect addition to evening relaxation. However, nowadays, fireplaces are also devices that allow to heat the whole house.

A fireplace at home is independence

Having a fireplace at home with which we can heat the whole house gives us independence from suppliers of electricity, gas or fuel oil. It is an alternative and safe form of heating in our home interior.

The glow of fire will take care not only of the light in the room, but also of the pleasant temperature. When gas boilers and electric heat pumps fail, the fireplace will be up to the task. Although the Polish construction law states that a fireplace cannot be the only source of heat in a house, especially nowadays it is an ideal complement to system heating.

Concern for our loved ones connects us all. It is the same under every latitude, so it is worthwhile - thinking about your family - to take care of their comfort in unexpected situations over which we have no influence. A fireplace at home is not only the beauty of the fire and its warmth, but also an expression of care for family members who will not experience cold and darkness due to, for example, a prolonged power failure - convinces Cezary Ziółek, Marketing Director at Kratki.pl.

A fireplace at home is ecology

The fireplace is also ecological. Among the rich offer of the Polish manufacturer there are devices marked with the EcoDesign certificate, e.g. chimney inserts of unusual design, stoves (e.g. Enyo, Thor 8) or ever fashionable cast iron goats (e.g. model Koza K9 fi 150 with ASDP). They are combined by their original design and the fact that they meet national and EU environmental legislation, fulfilling the Ecodesign criteria.

The most ecological and, at the same time, economical material to smoke in the fireplace is dry wood from deciduous trees, such as oak, hornbeam, beech, ash, maple, birch or poplar. Wood is an excellent renewable energy source. It is also worth noting the relatively low cost of wood as a fuel with its high efficiency.

A fireplace in your home is a saving

The analysis of heating costs based on fuel and energy prices from the first quarter of 2020 showed that the annual cost of burning biomass in the form of firewood places this type of heating in 3rd place among the cheapest fuels, just behind the ground and air heat pumps.

Given the relatively high costs of investment in a ground or air heat pump and their dependence on electricity supply, it is precisely the fireplace installation that may be the cheapest of all heating devices using renewable energy sources.

As you can clearly see, a fireplace in our house can give us independence and self-sufficiency and the lowest heating costs.

Fireplace in one day!

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